The BalticSatApps Data2Information Kit is an information package designed to help you to understand the Copernicus Earth Observation (EO) data and present the basics of how to take it into use.

The Data2Information Kit documents user needs and capabilities, presenting Copernicus, services offered and success stories demonstrating applicability of Copernicus data. It presents capabilities offered by the BalticSatApps project partners and explains how Copernicus data users may benefit from their infrastructure. On basis of users needs, exemplary solutions based on remote sensing data and ready free-of-charge Copernicus services are demonstrated with open access to the method of product delivery and processing chain. It concludes with step-by-step guide of transforming Copernicus data into information mostly desired by users.

Specific information

Key benefits:

The document provides information from the experts on what kind of EO data there is available, and how to deploy it.

Who is it intended for?

Application developers interested in EO data


The Copernicus satellites, data and application areas are presented, and then examples are provided on how to deploy the data. (170 pp.)


Prof. Katarzyna Dąbrowska–Zielińska, Martyna Gatkowska, Dr. Inz. Zbigniew Bochenek, Damian Olszewski, Patryk Grzybowski, Radosław Gurdak, and Joanna Tuszyńska from the Institute of Geodesy and Cartography (Pl).

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