BalticSatApps — Speeding up Copernicus-based innovation in Baltic Sea Region

After three years, BalticSatApps formed solid base for Copernicus activities in Baltic Sea Region. Here’s how

BalticSatApps was established to increase awareness about the data provided by the European Copernicus Programme, improve access to the data, and stimulate demand and innovation through co-creation and iterative development methodologies. The project also aimed to develop an Acceleration Programme focusing on Earth Observation (EO) business.

BalticSatApps News Archive

Some 50 articles were written during the BalticSatApps project by the project members and invited writers. The topics cover varied activities like series of educational events, innovation generation events and hackathons, as well as the BalticSatApps Acceleration Programme to facilitate use and increase interest in Earth Observation as a business area.

Earth Observation data can provide answers to global challenges

Since 2014, the satellites of the European Copernicus Programme have delivered Earth Observation (EO) data free of charge to anyone. The wealth of data holds tremendous potential for new services in the environmental, transport, energy and other sectors.

Application areas

The Copernicus data can contribute to solutions in the following application areas:

  • agriculture, blue economy, climate change and environment, disaster management, energy and natural resources, forestry, security and defence, transport, urban planning, and more.

New business opportunities from satellite data

In the last 30 years, substantial R&D efforts in the field of EO have been made globally. At EU level, EO activities are coordinated with the Copernicus Programme, which is one of the leading providers of open EO data. However, technical barriers currently prevent users from fully exploiting the data and information that Copernicus delivers. The combination of space data with other data sources and technologies open up many business opportunities for all EU member states. Stronger links with the commercial downstream sector are essential to develop tailor-made applications, reach out to new users, and connect the space sector with other sectors.

We celebrate 30 years of Interreg in 2020! BalticSatApps is part of the Interreg community! #Interreg30