What skills are needed to succeed as incubator staff and at running accelerator for Earth Observation teams? What event participation and networking can offer in the field?

The report provides an overview on key competence requirements and measures taken to improve these competences within the BalticSatApps project. The activities have been focusing on improving business development activities and piloting acceleration programs tailored specifically on Earth Observation innovations. The activities were carried out and led by three science and technology parks (STPs) involved in the project: Turku Science Park (Finland), Cracow Technology Park (Poland) and Tartu Science Park (Estonia).

Spesific information

Key benefits:

The report offers information in the field of Earth Observation, how to increase the competence of staff to efficiently work with the area specific business cases, and how to provide high quality services to the teams and companies which are involved in the acceleration program.

Who is it intended for?

Science and technology parks, business support organisations, academic incubators, and private accelerators


The report covers: 1) reviewing key competence requirements and other success factors for running an ESABIC/EO support program for EO teams/SMEs, 2) organising of staff trainings and test/share tools for acceleration, and 3) organising and participating thematic events. (23 pp.)


The report development has been coordinated by Henri Hanson, Tartu Science Park, Timo Huttunen, Turku Science Park, and Jarosław Chojnacki, Krakow Technology Park.