The BalticSatApps project has conducted innovation generation activities that have aimed at the creation of new EO-leveraging services and startup companies. These activities have taken place in the form of innovation competitions and hackathons.

The innovation promotion activities in BalticSatApps were conducted in collaboration between experts in various areas of expertise: EO user uptake and EO data use, education facilities, and science and technology parks. As one of the central findings of the project, it was noticed that due to the complexity of the thematic area of EO, it was often most fruitful to conduct longer-time spanning innovation activities, instead of short-term activities. During longer-term activities, the participants were given lectures, hands-on support, and more time overall to develop their solution ideas, when compared with more traditional hackathon activities.

Cookbook of organising EO hackathons and iterative development of service ideas

The work conducted in EO innovation promotion has been documented in the form of a manual on how to arrange innovation generation events in EO.

Catalogue of innovative Earth Observation services

In order to assess the EO market and list already existing services and innovations in the region, the project collected a catalogue about services that are based on Copernicus data. The Catalogue of Innovative Earth Observation services focuses on services from the partner countries (Estonia, Finland, Poland, Russia, Sweden).