Integrating Copernicus and Russian satellite data sources for an easy access to satellite data and for creating services that are based on Copernicus and Russian satellite data sources and their thematic products

The interface is designed to maintain a catalogue of remote sensing data, as well as to organize the order and access to the data provided by the Copernicus Programme and Russian satellites, available on the Roskosmos geoportal. The information platform contributes to raising awareness about the Copernicus Programme as a whole.

Interface includes:

  • module for space images cataloging
  • module of expert forming initial data parameters
  • module for space images ordering (for Russian satellites)
  • module for accessing to third-party services
  • remote sensing data processing module.

Main functions of Interface:

  • providing access to the Copernicus programme services through the developed website that allows the user to formulate requests for solving applications using satellite data
  • automatic setting of satellite data search parameters for solving 10 selected types of tasks
  • solving a number of specific tasks to demonstrate possibilities of using the satellite data in working processes
  • combining the capabilities of the Copernicus programme with data from the Russian satellites in order to obtain the most effective result
  • Access to the Interface will be organized through the web Interface without installing additional plug-ins in the user’s browser.

Main thematic tasks which the interface solves

Identifying of changes in forest areas

  • determination of forest boundaries
  • identification of changes and geometrical dimensions of felling
  • identification of the boundaries of the allotment of cutting areas
  • determination of the boundaries of wetlands
  • estimation of the boundaries of burns
  • assessment of burned-out forest areas reforestation

Identification of changes in water surface characteristics

  • determination of water bodies’ boundaries
  • identification of coastal pollution areas
  • determination of the degree of water bodies overgrowth (trophicity)

Changes identifications in the contours of anthropogenic objects

  • determination of changes in landfills boundaries
  • determination of quarry boundaries.

Target groups

The Interface is beneficial to public authorities, research institutions, educational organisations, non-profit organisations, companies, individuals and all specialists working in such fields as agriculture, forestry, territory mapping, and who are interested in satellite data acquisition in order to solve specific thematic tasks.

The Interface will be available for all interested users. It is mostly targeted to specialists from different thematic areas (e.g., government, emergency management, forestry, hydrology, agriculture etc.) who are responsible for territory monitoring and management and need up-to-date and real-time spatial data for correct and operative decision-making.

For this type of users, an Interface is a handy tool for analyzing the current situation on the territory of interest as it provides all necessary information and does not require any specific knowledge in geoinformation systems and remote sensing.

By integrating Copernicus and Russian satellite data sources and providing easy access to this data and their thematic products, the Interface is an useful instrument for small and medium businesses that develop services for territory monitoring and management based on satellite imagery.