The BalticSatApps Knowledge Base is a hub for distributing the materials developed during the BalticSatApps project for commercialisation activities in Earth Observation (EO). These materials have first and foremost been developed for actors such as science and technology parks, business accelerators, investors, startup and entrepreneurship associations, and innovation offices at universities.

Funding and support

Throughout a startup life cycle, usually there are different stages, requiring different amounts of funding to develop the company from a business idea into a profitable business.The same logic applies to Earth Observation (EO) startups. This brief focuses on pre-seed and seed rounds, and presents available funding and support possibilities in Finland, Estonia, Poland, and beyond.

Business support schemes

This brief describes both local as well as international acceleration programmes available for startups. Accelerators are typically companies that give support to startups, through direct seed-stage investment for a return on investment. Accelerators offer usually also other forms of support to ensure that selected companies can develop a scalable business. Accelerators for specifically space related startups are introduced first, then examples of few well-known global tech startup accelerators, and finally accelerators operational in the Baltic Sea Region.

Business mentors

During the BalticSatApps Acceleration Programme, a wide range of business mentors have been joining the activities, compiled to a joint database used internally as per need of the participating teams.This brief shortly opens up, what different kind of expertise mentors can offer within the acceleration programmes, and lists the local ESA BIC Business Incubators.

Group of industry-specific events listed

The report Key competence requirements for incubator staff and competence improvement measures to run a successful accelerator for Earth Observation teams presents the implemented incubator staff training activities and means in Estonia, Finland, and Poland. One part of the report covers the organising and participation at thematic events.