BalticSatApps has created a manual, or a “cookbook”, on how to organise innovation competitions and hackathons within the Earth Observation (EO) thematical area. It proposes an iterative approach to new service development.

The cookbook focuses on the iterative development process wherein ideas and needs are systematically combined with skilled solution area experts and enthusiastic developers who are equipped with fitting tools and data. The outcomes of these combinations are analysed and it is identified if and how reapplying the previous (i.e. iterating) can bring the outcome closer to an effective and self-sustained innovation.

The ideas are converted into innovations by iterating aforedescribed expertise in various events. This publication discusses matters that need to be taken into account prior to the events, the types of events themselves, and issues that need to be considered afterwards. Sections refer to one another in order to highlight iterative dependencies and possibilities.

Specific information

Key benefits:

If you are new to organising innovation events, the cookbook will give you a comprehensive package of useful first-hand experience-based information. Even if you have arranged e.g. hackathons earlier, you can find much insight into how the special characteristics of EO data have to be taken into account in the event preparations.

Who is it intended for?

Science and technology parks, universities, polytechnics, startup organisations, EO industry organisations


The manual progresses chronologically from pre-event organisation all the way to the follow-up of the main event. (76 pp.)


The manual development has been coordinated by Dr. Johannes Holvitie, Mr. Mikko Jaakola and Ms. Tuisku Polvinen from the University of Turku, and Mr. Paweł Kisielewicz from the Cracow University of Technology.