Through its various user uptake activities, the BalticSatApps project has strived to make tangible the opportunities that Earth Observation (EO) data offers, and lower the threshold of deploying the data in practice.

Country profiles of EO markets

The project started with analyzing the potential users of EO data in the Baltic Sea region. After this, the project set out to find out more about the requirements that those users would have for the EO data. This information is presented in the country profiles of the EO markets of the five participating Baltic Sea region countries: Estonia, Finland, Poland, Russia, and Sweden.

BalticSatApps Copernicus Interface

One part of the user uptake activities was the development of a Russian access portal for Copernicus EO data.

Data2Information Kit

A key part of the user uptake activities was formed by organising Copernicus information and training sessions. These were events where the EO experts of the BalticSatApps project invited interested audiences to learn about the possibilities of the data, and how to access it. In addition, a guide called the “Data2Information Kit” was prepared in order to help those interested to learn about the EO data and use it.