Information and training sessions

In order to acquaint people and companies about the possibilities that earth observation satellite data from the Copernicus programme offers, BalticSatApps organises information and training sessions. We will gladly assist you if you would require more information about employing earth observation data available via the Copernicus programme.


User surveys

In order for us to be able to target our work and support better, we would kindly ask you to take our survey related to the use of earth observation satellite data. The survey helps us to define relevant challenges for our innovation development activities, and interface with different stakeholders when necessary.

To the survey

University-level short courses

In early 2019, BalticSatApps will organise an intensive university-level short course on earth observation. It will teach the basics of EO, and prepare the students to have a basic understanding of its possibilities, and how to start using the EO data. Contact us in order to receive more information about the course.