Freeing teams and facilitators

New ways and approaches for extending Copernicus services

Copernicus services are provided on top of a complex data set and infrastructure. Teams and facilitators trying to extend Copernicus require context knowledge consultation and access to resources.


We intend to free the teams and facilitators from making these arrangements by themselves.


We monitor and document pre- and post-short-term event functions to identify challenges, potent ways for utilizing, and innovative new approaches to extend Copernicus services.

To whom
  • To BalticSatApps event participants we provide a concise information on Copernicus services’ extensibility
  • To BalticSatApps partners we provide information regarding pre- and post short-term event handling; inclusive of, for example, team gathering and incubation guidance.

We attend short-term events and make ourselves available to teams and facilitators. We also compile a cookbook wherein general notions about pre- and post-short-term event functions and their feasibility are gathered.


Short-term events follow a jointly agreed pattern, but – as our work has only just begun – notable amount of our delivery is expected to take place in the upcoming months.