Nordic Trout Ab and Suomen Kalankasvattajaliitto ry

Sustainable aquaculture

As the harmful environmental impacts of meat production become more evident, the aquaculture is becoming more plausible alternative for food security in the future. Especially in the Baltic Sea strict environmental regulation is ensuring the sustainability of the fish farming establishments. However, more accurate information about fish farming’s impact on surrounding water areas helps to plan and operate fish farm establishments in even more sustainable manner. Satellites can provide useful information about water quality and dynamics of the marine environment. This data can be fused to other sources of information.

Challenge assignment

Environmentally friendly operation of fish farming requires up-to-date data. Propose a way to collect, analyze or react to changing environmental conditions and impacts of fish farming operations. In detail, challenge partners are looking for the following proposals:

  1. Evaluation of potential fish farming establishments. Methods to detect and prepare for changes in environmental conditions.
  2. Tools for monitoring the existing establishments. How to assess the environmental impact in real-time, enabling faster reaction time in production sites. Feel free to propose use of different monitoring technologies (drones, buyous, citizen observations, etc.)
  3. Tools for easy and affordable access to open geodata, various environmental variables and measurements.

Remember to explain, how satellite data or information products derived from it are used in your idea.

Useful information (In Finnish only)


The winning proposal will receive a cash prize of 4000 euros.

Contact persons

Alf-Hakan Romar, CEO, Nordic Trout Ab, Finland

+358 445 898 725

Irja Skytén-Suominen, Chairman of the Board, Suomen Kalankasvattajaliitto ry, Finland

+358 50 3727 652