Who can participate?

Any natural or juristic person can participate in the WeSeaChallenge idea competition, excluding the organisators and the coordinators of the competition.

You can participate as a member of a team or as an individual (=a team of one person).

A team can submit maximum of one project/entry per challenge. The projects need to be created during the WeSeaChallenge (9.9.–4.12.2019); you cannot participate with an entry completely developed prior to the WeSeaChallenge.

You or your team needs to register to the WeSeaChallenge to be able to participate in the competition. The registration link is available here.

Participation in events

Several events are arranged during the competition period both in Turku and in Helsinki. See the complete timetable here.

We suggest you to participate all the events but only the DemoDay (4.12.2019) is mandatory. The DemoDay cannot be participated from distant; you or at least one member of your team must be at present.

About the projects

The project/entry needs to meet the challenge and its requirements. A project can be either a technical demo/prototype or non-technical idea/concept. No technical skills are needed.

All the challenges are listed here.

Satellite or other data needs to be used in your project. You need to pitch your project in the DemoDay (4.12.2019) and the jury evaluates all projects respectively. The winners are announced and the prices are presented in the evening gala later in the DemoDay.

IP rights and prizes

The team owns the intellectual property (IP) rights to their project, and the team itself is responsible for not violating the rights of others.

The rewarded prize money is the recipient’s taxable income. The recipient of the prize is responsible for the tax resulting from the prize.

The competition entries will be presented to the jury on December 4, 2019, after which the jury will select the best projects. The challenge prize money (4000 + 2000 + 2500 euros) will be awarded by the jury as best judged. The jury reserves the right to accept or reject any entry.

The organizers reserve the right to make changes to the rules by posting them on this particular website.