BalticSatApps Online Hackathon June 18–24, 2020 – great test for new ideas for short-term events!

Satellite Data Hackathon online? Never gonna happen, except now it will! A hackathon has be considered as an event of any duration where people come together and form groups for problem solving. And where the getting-together has been an important source of that special positive energy. The Covid-19 pandemic of the spring 2020 made it all different, when all possible activities were forced to be taken into different online environments. That applied as well to most of the ongoing activities of BalticSatApps project. That was as well the push force for the seven day long BalticSatApps Satellite Data Challenges Hackathon that will be held online in June 18–24, 2020!

Satellite Data Hackathon Program

The online event provides contacts with mentors, who will serve their knowledge and support the teams through the event. Participants have as well the opportunity to attend lectures of specialists with achievements in the field of satellite data processing. As the communication means, Zoom and Slack applications will be used. The teams will have a novel opportunity to learn about available technology and methods for processing satellite images.


The Satellite Data Hackathon will be organised by the Cracow University of Technology and the Krakow Technology Park, with the following partners: Spectator Earth, JLupin and Foundation My Space Love Story.

Valuable possible add to pending BalticSatApps output: Cookbook of successful short-term events

The Cookbook of succesful short-term events publication is at the moment at in the final stages and has been authored by the University of Turku and the Cracow University of Technology as part of the BalticSatApps project. It focuses on the iterative development process wherein ideas and needs are systematically combined with different compinations of experts and developers, within various kinds of short-term events, such as hackathons, workshops or info days. The included events have been organized within the framework of the BalticSatApps project, and the document is a collection of the experience acquired during their organization. The experiences of implemeting online Hackathon Satellite Data Challenges in June 2020, will be included where possible.

The publication will discuss matters which need to be taken into account prior to the events, the types of events themselves, and issues which need to be considered after events. Sections will as well refer to one another in order to highlight iterative dependencies and possibilities. When finalised, the publication will be presented and available at the website accordingly.

Johanna Aaltonen, Communication manager, University of Turku