BalticSatApps SpaceUp Acceleration Program II in full flow in Poland

The second edition of the BalticSatApps SpaceUp Acceleration Program, which is addressed to teams using satellite data, started in the Krakow Technology Park in the end of the year 2019. It’s now in full flow with the five teams that were qualified for the program. Teams will work with mentors and trainers for three months to develop their startups. The goal is to acquire and expand teams knowledge of satellite data and running their own business. The Program includes several thematic Space Up meetings and culminates to the DemoDay in the end of the Program.

Teams participating from Poland

  • No-InMud – A start-up dedicated to the transport industry aimed at minimizing the risk of equipment getting stuck in the mud
  • Plukry – An application designed to help you choose a construction or agricultural plot
  • Ansee (EnviSAT) – An application that collects satellite data on the environment and nature, as well as land use and its changes over time. It aims to improve the work of specialists using current data on the area
  • Almine – A tool that uses augmented reality for spatial planning of the city and studies the impact of changes on elements such as: residents’ satisfaction, air pollution, traffic jams, real estate valuations
  • Kreatikon – The educational application is to provide access to data developing the child’s talents, also using EO data

Remarks of meetings along Program

22–23 November 2019 – 22 November the second edition of the BSA SpaceUp Acceleration Program has started. The Program is addressed to teams using Copernicus satellite data. Five teams were selected to the Program. The teams will participate in workshops and meetings with mentors both in Krakow and for the first time also in Warsaw. The Program will end with a Demo Day. Look for more in Facebook!

13–14 December 2019 – The second meeting of the SpaceUp BalticSatApps acceleration program was held. Representatives of Spectator, CloudFerro and the Institute of Geodesy and Cartography trained the processing and the use of satellite data. Second day – workshops: sales in startups and how to attract first customers. Look for more in Facebook!

10 – 11 January 2020 – Day one – workshops: satellite data, in cooperation with the Institute of Geodesy and Cartography. Day two – workshops: marketing for startups.

24–25 January 2020 – The next meeting will be held in Warsaw, and is connected to the space event. So there will be present additional external mentors from Warsaw.  As well, there are organized meetings for teams with people from the space sector in Poland.

Coming activities

  • SpaceUP AP meeting no 5, 21–22 February 2020
  • Space Business Day (probably between 10–19 March 2020)
  • DemoDay, tbc. (probably twice, during the external conference 7 March and the Space Business Day – to be confirmed in February)
  • Edit on 4 Feb: 18 March, Space Conference (Space Business Day) organized by the Krakow Technology Park in Krakow combined with the Demo Day BSA.

Additional information

  • Follow the Space Up Acceleration Program (in Polish)
  • Jarosław Chojnacki, Project manager, Krakow Technology Park /  jchojnacki(at)