List your Earth Observation (EO) services including Copernicus services in upcoming BalticSatApps catalogue!

We are preparing as part of the BalticSatApps project a comprehensive Service catalogue covering:

  • all Baltic Sea Region (BSR)
  • on all existing and planned future services (started, in progress)
  • on all kind of Earth Observation (EO) data including Copernicus services (

If you would like to list your service(s) in the catalogue, please fill carefully the template for your each service or product, and send it by 28 April, 2020 to:
Upload the fillable template here

The Service catalogue will be available online when being completed on the BalticSatApps project official website, The website will be available until 2025.

Inquiries about Service catalogue

Tobias Edman, Head of Innovation and Public Benefit, Swedish National Space Agency /

Ali Nadir Arslan, Senior Scientist, Finnish Meteorological Institute /