Space featured in Lund, Sweden on 20 November – Workshop and Open Space Talk!

How can space science and technology add value to a sustainable society and generate interesting business opportunities on earth?

During the morning and early afternoon, the experts on space technology will be conducting a workshop together with local companies, academy and representatives from the City of Lund. The focus for the workshop is on how to utilize space technology on earth, while gaining increased insight into the possibilities for businesses and society, and identifying potential projects to be based in Lund and the Skåne region.

BalticSatApps partner Swedish National Space Agency will present the Copernicus program, space data application examples and inform about the BalticSatApps project in the workshop. ESA Bic Sweden will be participating in the workshop as well.

In the afternoon, an open talk on space technology will be held at Ideon Science Park in Lund. Participants can listen experts and find out, how Lund and the region can benefit from space technology. Participants can listen to and communicate with experts from
European Space Agency (Christophe Lasseur and Thomas Rohr)
Swedish National Space Agency (Björn Lovén and Tobias Edman)
ESA Bic Sweden (Jens Lundström)
AI Innovation of Sweden (Malin Larsson)
T-Kartor Geospatial AB (Henrik Melander).

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